Share with healthcare providers

Caren RPM lets providers monitor you and your loved one between clinic visits by providing an efficient way to view and analyze your health information. Healthcare providers can view PGHD from multiple patients and touch any reading to view logs and statistics. When a provider views information, a green check mark appears in the patient’s logs to indicate that the provider saw the data.


Speak your measurements

Updating a measurement is as easy as saying it.  You can touch the Mic icon and say your blood pressure, pulse, glucose, pain level and temperature as well as any comments you want to include. For blood pressure, you can also specify whether a blood pressure measurement was taken while sitting, standing or lying down, which is very important for doctors to know.


Keep family & friends informed

You can create a separate Village of family and friends (Followers) for each loved one and allow Followers to view health information, share tasks, and receive group messages from you.