About Caren RPM

Record, Track and Share

Caren RPM is a voice-interactive platform allows you to record, track and share the following:

  • Blood pressure & Pulse

  • %SpO2

  • Respiration

  • Weight

  • Glucose

  • Pain

  • Temperature

  • Observations such as symptoms, photos, side effects, falls, ER visits


How Caren RPM can be your personal healthcare assistant

RPM image.png
For Healthcare Providers

Caren RPM lets providers monitor eight health measurements and other patient-reported observations. Providers can schedule reminders (push notifications) for patients and caregivers to record specific measurements. Clinicians can view logs and statistical analyses of clinical and patient-generated data within or outside FHIR-compatible EHR systems.

For Caregivers

Hand-written logs and health data stored in medical devices are difficult to share with family and doctors. Caren RPM allows caregivers to enter health data and observations by simply speaking and then control how and when data is shared with family and doctors. This eliminates the need for multiple conversations via email, text and phone.

For Yourself

Caren RPM allows you to input your own vitals so that you can keep a daily log of your results and track to see your progress. No need to keep a log book to write your results. You can just speak it or type it within Caren RPM on your mobile phone. You can then choose to share it with family and health providers by adding them to your "Village" as followers so they can keep abreast of your health.