Caren RPM founders connect everyone who cares


Brian McPherson, Don Flenoy, and Sam Camero

In 2016, Donald Flenoy, Sam Camero and Brian McPherson had a single goal when they began development of the Caren RPM platform—to connect everyone who cares for the health of their loved one. They wanted to reduce the stress on caregivers like themselves who sacrifice every day to improve the quality of life for their loved ones. Their solution was to build the Caren RPM platform, which makes it easier for physicians to remotely monitor patients between clinic and virtual visits; improves communication between healthcare providers and caregivers; and enables better care coordination among the loved one’s family members. The trio boot-strapped development of the platform.

However, in 2017, there was a major obstacle to achieving their goal. Third-party developer platforms were unable to share patients’ health data in real-time with the myriad electronic health record (EHR) systems. The founders’ foresight and patience paid off when the healthcare industry began adoption of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® (FHIR) standard. This standard now allows the Caren RPM platform to be launched within a physician’s EHR system or launched as a standalone web application outside of the EHR.

One of Caren RPM’s major differentiators is its patient-centric focus on data sharing so that each user’s health information is under their control in one place and linked to EHRs. In addition to eight core physiological measurements, patients can record symptoms, falls, side effects, vaccinations, photos, and ER visits and make it available to providers, caregivers and family members. This allows all healthcare organizations (hospitals, clinics, specialists, therapists, home health agencies, etc.) to get a historical and holistic view of the patient’s health. Caren RPM also integrates with wearables and medical devices from industry leaders such as Fitbit®, iHealth®, Omron®, and Withings®.

In recognition of their hard work and dedication, Caren RPM won the 2019 Cerner code App Challenge. In 2020, Amazon Web Services invited Caren RPM to the AWS Activate Founders program, which is designed to help startups build and grow their business. In 2021, Allscripts invited Caren RPM to the ADP Empower cohort, a new program designed to offer valuable resources to underrepresented entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and accelerate innovation.

The founders have brought Caren RPM to fruition but their journey has been bittersweet. In the last few years, Sam lost his mother to brain cancer and Don lost his mother due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, the founders’ experience as caregivers remains their impetus for innovation, and the memory of their parents drives their passion.

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